12 Reasons to Choose AST Movers

Congratulations, you’re moving offices.

Whether you are growing or downsizing, commercial moving can often seem stressful.

Business relocation requires assessment, planning, coordination, police permissions, packing materials etc. Being in control of every step is critical for a hassle-free moving experience.

The best way to guarantee a smooth, stress-free move is to trust an established moving company that has years of experience. A company like Advanced Storage and Transportation, Inc.

Here are 12 reasons to choose us as your office movers in Boston.

  1. Best Price

    AST guarantees that it will beat any comparative competitive pricing. Give us a call (508) 877-6600 before you make a final decision. We guarantee to save you money! We make sure that the amount you pay is worth every single cent, whether as a separate service or as part of a package.

  2. 100% Customer Satisfaction

    As one of the top Movers in Boston, we guarantee your satisfaction with our workmanship and customer support. If you feel otherwise, we’ll correct it to your satisfaction before your bill is paid.

  3. Cost-Effective Solutions

    AST offers various services specifically designed to suit your company. Whether your move is for expansion, downsizing, or simply relocation, we will provide you the perfect service that fits your company and your budget.

  4. Time Saving

    We save your valuable time by starting with a needs assessment for your move – determining the best plan for the job. We prepare and train your staff, supervise the packing and labeling of each and every single item and coordinate activity on moving day. The entire moving process will be smooth and systematic, saving time and effort both for you and for us.

  5. Huge Buying Power

    We saves you money on moving supplies, furniture, storage, liquidation, and other services, thanks to AST’s clout in the moving industry.  And you get to enjoy the direct benefits of that!

  6. Years of Experience

    AST is one of the most respected office moving companies in Boston, established in 1991. Our president, Peter J Griffin is a Certified Moving Consultant(CMC) has more than 40 years of experience in the Boston moving industry.

    Our position as a premier commercial moving company is established and acknowledged by hundreds of happy small and large business clients.

  7. Minimize Downtime

    There are two main reasons as to why companies move from one place to another; expansion or downtime.  AST understands this and saves you in payroll, and lost business opportunity.We maximize your utilities during your move, especially during downtime at a price that is competitively comfortable.

  8.  Problem solvers

    AST has already seen (and solved) problems you have not anticipated. Thanks to years of experience in commercial moving, we have solved countless of problems related to relocation. WE PROVIDE PEACE OF MIND.

  9. Union and Non Union Moving 

    AST is one of the few companies that is licensed to provide both  Union and Non Union Moving Services in Boston. Whether you run a small group or a multinational one, AST is well equipped to provide moving services as per your requirements.

  10. Helping Any Size and Type of Moves

    With our position of  Boston’s best moving company in the commercial, office, business and industrial space, we offer customzied services to specifically suit your needs as a company.

  11. The First Licensed Moving Broker in Massachusetts

    In addition to the  years of experience we have, AST has established its authority as Boston mover and storage company by becoming the first licensed moving broker in Massachusetts. We are the first company accredited and recommended by the Federal Government, acknowledged by our services as a moving and storage company.

  12. Member of the National Institute of Certified Moving Consultants

    AST guarantees to provide you our services not only with top quality but also with proper decorum as moving consultants. AST executes its services with the guidance of the National Institute of Certified Moving Consultants which provides a set of standard and ethics code for relocation companies to adhere to.

We Provide the Above Expertise and Advantages at No Cost to Your Company!

We  let you enjoy all these advantages and with our expertise at no additional costs to your company. Save money and time, call us at (508) 877-6600. to enjoy a stress-free moving experience for your company.