Records Storage Management in Boston

AST recognises how important it is for offices to have their own storage spaces for keeping their items not necessarily meant to be discarded but at the same time, not entirely needed at present. AST offers two storage management offers which you can either choose from or subscribe to both.

Convenient Commercial Storage

Our commercial storage in Boston is a unique offering among those in the records management industry, for we include other items such as desks and filing cabinets—practically anything which are valuable but taking unnecessary space in your office!

Your items are kept on pallets and shrink-wrapped and everything will be safely stored in stack racks with much recommended security. There is also no need for you to wait long if you are in a rush to have a detailed inventory for we will provide it to you in the shortest possible time. All that is needed is to send the shipment, and we can always fax the receipt to you! Choosing this option will provide you these advantages:

All that is needed is to send the shipment, and we can always fax the receipt to you! Choosing this option will provide you these advantages:

  • FREE initial pick up

    Picking up of office equipment could take a lot of time and effort but we can pick up all of them for you. Don’t worry; the first set is on us, free of charge.

  • Cheaper alternative to room or self-storage

    You can just hide away all your office materials to your very own storage room but time comes when you will need more space than what you already have. AST offers cheap storage rooms that can keep your office equipments safe and out of your personal storage.

  • Time and money saving pickup and delivery

    There is no need to go back and forth from your old to new office, for we will simply do all the work for you!

  • Next Day Services

    We know how busy you are, so we have the next day services— especially if you notify us by noon, and rest assured that we will adjust to your schedule.

  • Move Seasonal Items

    You can move away and keep all those seasonal items and decorations and keep them in our facility so that you can maximize your office space.

  • Consolidation

    With AST, there will be no unnecessary extra paper works; everything will be merged into one: your bills, delivery schedule and other needs.

  • You don’t have to lift a finger

    Neither a sweat nor stress; continuing your work without disturbance will be our contentment.

Record Storage Management

AST’s Records Storage Management highlights three key features that makes it unique above all storage services all over the state: Our best offered pricing, a provided software for file tracking, and the quickest pick-up and delivery service you could ever experience.

We always want you to save time, money and effort when it comes to moving office spaces. We researched every single detail that could help us provide the best offer can give you. And from here, we formed our mantra when it comes to servicing our clients in three, simple words; EASY, COST-EFFECTIVE and GUARANTEED.

AST’s modern record storage facility uses the best technology to store your important records for short or long period of time depending on your needs. Our facilities are designed with a contemporary well lit capacity, which offers plenty of parking that is suitable to the Mass.

Our facility is a 70,000 sq. ft. brick facility that is well guarded with a 24-hour central station monitoring through ADT and with sprinklers scattered all over the area, so smoke, fire and robbery will be the very last thing you should worry about.

AST’s storage facility has 2 level of storage in which two types of records may be kept; the dead records and the active records. Depending on how you would need and classify your records, you can keep and move them around according to how you see fit. With that you will be guaranteed that you keep your costs to a minimum while having only the level of service you need for each kind of record.

Assistance will also be provided whenever you will need to transfer any records so that order will be maintained and accomplished with minimal to none down-time. An on-site assistance may also be availed of if the client feels the necessity for it. A project supervisor with no additional charge will be present to assist you from meeting with the staff and management to packing all the records that need to be kept.

AST ensures customized reporting so that you will be able to keep track of all the records you kept under our care. These could be provided to you through printouts or through soft copies—whichever you prefer, and without any additional charge. All data are secured and will be accessed only by a limited number of people. All kept records are going to be bar-coded, and clients allowing the clients to have easy access via internet if you need to search for a record.

Similar to our Convenient Commercial Storage, a next day service option is available for late notices if a record is needed. We also offer a rush express delivery service. If you need a file immediately, rest assured that we can deliver it to you within 2 hours, whether individual, boxed, or even faxed records.